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DGP Theatre Productions uses theatre and film to examine similarities and differences between ancient religious and spiritual beliefs and modern-day issues and concerns.  




Ms. Judy Barr is a native of Miami, Florida. She is a sought-after director, playwright, and producer. Ms. Barr is committed to providing wholesome entertainment to educate, empower, and inspire youth. She is the founder of The Iron-Barr Group, Inc., a non-profit performing arts organization est. in 1994 that provides a platform for youth to display their talent. Ms. Barr is a powerhouse motivational speaker, singer, and actress. She has co-written, directed, and produced productions such as "Epic Journey," *I am the Blues," and "Free-style Big Dreams." Her philosophy is, "Let your dream become a vision, something you can see and follow it until it becomes reality".

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Born and raised in the city of brotherly love, to a nurse/chef and a drummer/engineer, Andre has always had a knack for entertainment. After relocating to South Florida in 2000 he has been heavily involved in the Theatre industry ever since. While fully indulging himself in the theatre scene he attended Next Stop Broadway. Through Next Stop Broadway, he has developed and honed a deeper sincere love for performing, writing, composing, producing, and directing for the past 15 years, where he has worked his way from a teen camper to the Youth Director of the youth camp from 2016 - 2022. He has also served the Coral Springs Center for the Arts as a Social Media Videographer.

In addition to being a part of the Next Stop Broadway Family, he's also a part of the Professional South Florida Theatre community where he has been very successful with many accolades. Most recently he joined the Actors Equity Association and launched Invision Theatre Company. 

He has also written, produced, and directed a multitude of shows ranging from established works to new works at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami and the Coral Springs Center for The Arts. When it comes to entertainment, he truly believes that it can impact and change people’s lives and that’s what he’s all about, being a positive light when things get dark.

When he 's not doing Theatre you can find him enjoying the great outdoors!


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is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is an Award Winning New York City based classically trained actor with a natural gift for playwrighting, singing & producing.

A few Off Broadway and regional theatre acting credits include: (TheatreSouth) Rev. Abernathy, "I Have A Dream: The Broadway Musical" performed at the Dr. Phillips (Walt

Disney Theatre) in Orlando, Florida; (Shakespeare & Company) Booth, Topdog/Underdog (Berkshire Theatre Award Winner for 'Best Production' & 'Best Ensemble);

Orlando, As You Like It; Ferdinand, The Tempest; (Actors' Shakespeare Project) Richmond/Hastings +8 other characters; Richard III (The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre) Duke Orsino, Twelfth Night; (Hypokrit Theatre Company) Mercutio & Tybalt (rep), Romeo & Juliet;

(American Globe Theatre) Banquo, Macbeth.

Original plays include: (Satan VS God, The False Brotherhood Trilogy & The Tragedy At HOOD: 14542 (Hoodsical). His scripts have been directed by acclaimed theatre artist including Tony Award Winner, Ben Harney (dir. Satan Vs God) and have featured several Broadway actors including Jerome Preston Bates, J Nycole Ralph and Kevin Coleman (Tony Nominated Educator at Shakespeare & Company). Other works have been directed by renowned stand-up comedian/ actor Doug E Doug (featured on Jungle Fever, Cool Runnings & Cosby Show) His writing styles vary from 1st Century English, contemporary, iambic hood-pentameter, realistic urban, to Sci-fi fantasy.

Across the US, his plays have been produced with Broadway producers such as Woodie King Jr.'s New Federal Theatre (Playwright in Residence), as well as Patrick Blake with Rhymes Over Beats (Artist in Residence). A few of his works have also been developed at The Lark (Center for Playwright Development) in NYC and has featured in The International Fringe Festival NYC among many others places.

Deaon is also in a duo soul-rock band with Gregory Boover called, MoonCaps. They have recently released their debut album, Virgin to Love, now available for streaming on all major platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. MoonCaps will be releasing their second album this summer entitled, Man In My Eyes.

Deaon has studied theatre at AMDA in New York City as well as the British American Drama Academy at Oxford University in England under a full scholarship from the English Speaking Union. He is a company member with Shakespeare & Company and is the CEO/Founder of DGP Theatre Productions.

Deaon is also a Cotton Farmer. 


1 KINGS 17:4-6

GOD: (To Elijah the prophet) And it shall be, that thou shalt drink of the brook; and I have commanded the ravens(crows) to feed thee there. 

SVG in Scotland

SVG Talk Back in Scotland





DGP THEATRE PRODUCTIONS U.K. (Scotland) Premiere of Satan Vs God at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023.

Winner, Derek Awards - 'Best Drama'.


#SatanVsGod. Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023. 

WINNER - Derek Awards - 'Best Drama' 2023 (in-person)


WINNER - Derek Awards - 'Spirit of the Fringe' 2021 (digital)

"This fallen Angel is devilishly good!"

-Edinburgh Fringe (Scotland)





Reviews & Mentions


"Meet the Colorful Artists of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe"


"The best-dressed on the Royal Mile as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe finishes in style"

'Deaon Griffin-Pressley is a powerhouse of intensity and emotion as the fallen favourite...' 

-Edinburgh Guide 



'Powerful, Dramatic and brilliantly done.'

-Derek Awards

Westside Gazette Article:

"Deaon Griffin-Pressley’s Satan vs God production sails to Edinburgh Festival in Scotland."


Original… fresh’



'Mesmerising, seductive and powerful… hauntingly beautiful…  I’m blown away by the quality of the writing… Deaon is an electric performer… His words get under your skin and stay there’ 

-Brighton Fringe (England)



"Unsettling in the best of ways."

Edinburgh Fringe (England)


"...Epic Drama...we were allowed all the way into the guts of a performance something like a documentary chiseling its forceful concepts that roved around the conversation historical and accurate depiction...Satan’s plight to the greatest of detail, a success of skill, thought, revival, and ruling. UNAFRAID.... Totally believable...No need for boundaries...his movement and act had in it a powerful sheerness that he managed to accomplish...."

-Brighton Fringe (England) 


"Griffin-Pressley's dynamic original take on the battle between good and evil."

-Brighton Fringe (England)


"...well adapted to film (cinematography and filming by Andrè Russell...Griffin-Pressley is also an animated performer with a genuinely luscious voice, both in speech and in song..."

- NZ Fringe (New Zealand)

The Spirit Of Fringe Award.jpg

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